How does the subscription payment work?

Payment is prepaid, meaning it's made before using the benefit.

Charges are monthly and occur on the plan activation date, which can’t be changed.
Example: if the plan was activated on January 5, following charges will occur every 5th of all next months.

Check out other payment details:

Which plans require payment?

All plans, except for Digital, require payment for both the account holder and family members.

đź’ˇ Subscription prices may vary depending on the chosen plan and the company offering the benefit.

Do family members need to pay for a subscription?

Yes. Each added family member counts as a separate subscription. Depending on the chosen plan, an additional payment will be required.

What payment methods are available?

Our payment methods include:

  • Credit card, available to all.
  • SEPA, available to all.
  • Payroll deduction, exclusive to account holders if offered by the company.
Can different payment methods be used for each subscription?

Yes. The account holder can use different credit cards to pay for each subscription.

What happens if payment is declined?

If payment is declined, we'll make some additional attempts automatically. If all attempts fail, your plan will be canceled or you’ll be unable to activate it.

Learn what to do if your payment is declined.

What happens if the plan is scheduled to cancel?

As payment is prepaid, when the plan is scheduled to cancel, it remains active and available for use until the last day of the billing period.

To avoid being charged, cancel it before the renewal date.

Does changing or pausing the plan affect the subscription?

Yes. Learn more about how plan changes or pauses can affect payment.

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