How to add Family Members?

If the company that offers the service allows it, the account holder can add up to 3 family members, who can be their parents, children, partners, or spouses. Note that adding a family member will be an additional membership fee.

Add a subscription by selecting the Family members option, or follow the next steps:

AB Wellhub home screen - PT-BR.png

Version A
  1. Log in to the Wellhub app, go to User.png Profile and select the Settings.png settings gear icon.
  2. Select User.png Account, and then Family_member.png Family Members.
  3. Choose a plan, or select Add new subscription if you’ve already added family members, and then Continue.
  4. If needed, add a new payment method or continue with the one already registered and select Subscribe.
  5. Select Send link and share it with the family member so they can complete their sign-up.

đź’ˇ If the link doesn't work or has expired, check out this article.

Version B

To add a family member, the account holder must have an active plan before following the steps:

  1. Sign in to the Wellhub app or website and select the arrow next to your name.
  2. Select Family, and then Add new family member – if you don’t see this option, it might mean you aren’t eligible to add Family Members.
  3. Choose a plan for your Family Member.
  4. Include your family member’s email and contact information.
  5. If needed, submit the payment information requested.

Important note

People who continue to use Wellhub after leaving their company can’t add or keep family members.

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