How to fix account access issues?

You need to use the correct login email and password to access your account. If you forgot your password, you can reset it.

💡 If you don’t remember your login email, you can recover it as long as you’re the account holder and have access to the Wellhub benefit through a company.

If you've entered the correct login email and password but are still having difficulties using your plan, check these other factors:

  • Your subscription may be scheduled for cancellation if the company providing the service is no longer part of Wellhub.
  • Your subscription may be cancelled if the account holder no longer qualifies for the service through their company.
  • The payment has been declined, and you'll need to update your payment method. For family members, they’ll need to be added again.
  • Your account may be blocked due to suspicious activity. Please check your inbox for any notifications.


If you can’t sign-up due to eligibility issues, please confirm you are using the correct information provided by your company.

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