What can cause your Wellhub account to be blocked?

Your Wellhub account may be blocked if:

Using the account on multiple devices

For your security purposes, your Wellhub account can only be used on a single mobile device.

Obtaining Wellhub without being eligible

Wellhub is a corporate service exclusive to employees and users of partner companies. If you obtained or purchased your account through third parties, it may be blocked.

Obtaining Wellhub without being eligible will result in the account being blocked.

To check if your company offers Wellhub, visit our website. If your company doesn't offer it yet, you can refer it to us.

Transferring, selling, or renting the account

Your Wellhub account is personal and non-transferable. No one is allowed to transfer, sell, share credentials or rent their account to third parties, nor to use it for commercial purposes.

Signing up using incorrect personal information

Using someone else's data in your sign-up may result in the account being blocked. Only use your own personal information.


To avoid your account being blocked, be aware of Wellhub's terms and conditions of use.

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