Why might you be charged twice?

The account holder may receive more than one charge or a charge with a different amount if they have:

Added family members

When you add family members, you create new subscriptions. Except for the Digital plan, all others are paid.

If you've added family members, you might get more than one charge on the same card. This depends on the plan and the payment method you chose for each family member.

Charges can happen on different dates, depending on the day each family member was registered.

Even if family members don't complete their sign-up, you will still be charged. Find out what to do in this case.

💡 You can add a different payment method for each family member if you want to avoid all charges being made to the same payment method.

Upgraded to a higher-value plan

Every time you change to a higher-value plan, the change is made immediately, resulting in the new plan being charged a proportional amount.

📌 The proportional value of the new plan is calculated based on the date you made the change.

Left or changed companies

In some cases, even if you leave the company offering the benefit, your plan may remain active.

If you don't want to continue using Wellhub, cancel your plan.

💡 If you join a company that also offers Wellhub, you don’t need to create a new account. Simply add the new company as a provider to your current one.

Chosen payroll deduction as your payment method

When you pay your subscription via payroll deduction, your company sets a date that marks the end of their billing period.

If you upgrade your plan before this date, you might notice a charge with a different amount on your next paycheck that covers:

  • The cost of your previous plan, covering the period you used it before upgrading.
  • A prorated amount for your new plan, covering the remaining days of the billing period.

💡 You’ll only be charged the full price of your new plan in the following paychecks.

Important note

If you’re the account holder, you can check your payment history, including payments for family members.

View billing history

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