Is it possible to continue using Wellhub after leaving the company that provides the benefit?

Depending on the company that provided your benefit, if you're the account holder and have an active subscription, you can keep using Wellhub.

If the company cancels the contract with Wellhub, it won’t be possible to continue using the plan. 

If the previous criteria are met, you’ll need to:

  • Make sure you're using your personal email as a login email. If not, you’ll need to change it.
  • Add a valid payment method or keep the currently registered card.
    💡 It must be added before the plan's renewal date to avoid cancellation. If the plan is canceled, reactivating it won’t be possible.

📌 It won’t be possible to add or maintain family members, and the cost of your subscription may change.


In the future, if you’re eligible for the benefit through another company, you can change provider.

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