Understand why your Wellhub membership price may change

Your Wellhub membership price may be updated periodically to guarantee we can continue to provide the most comprehensive wellness resources.

💡 Prices may also change based on local market conditions, such as tax changes or inflation, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Learn more details about the price changes:

How will we notify you about the price change?

Wellhub will notify the account holder via email about any changes to pricing or plans. If there are family members added to the account, the account holder may receive multiple notifications.

💡 Remember to check your email's promotions or spam box.

How far in advance will we notify you of the price change?

The email notifying the price change will be sent at least 30 days before the new price takes effect.

How to find out the new price of your plan?

The account holder will receive an email outlining the new price of their plan, as well as the new prices for any family members added to their account. You can also find the new prices for all plans in the Wellhub app.

Will the price of family member subscriptions also be updated?

Yes. The price of family member subscriptions may also be updated.

When will the new price take effect?

The new price will take effect on the date informed in the email communication.

Will the price change impact the discount offered by the company?

Any discounts you currently have won’t be revoked with the plan price update. However, since the standard subscription price will change, your final price may be different, even with the discount.

Is it possible to change or cancel the plan before the new price is charged?

Yes. The account holder can manage and change their plan or family members' plans through the app. Any changes must be made before the new price takes effect.

What should you do after receiving the notification about the change?

You don't need to do anything. If you wish to continue using the same Wellhub plan, the new price will be automatically applied once the new pricing takes effect. If you don’t agree with the change, you can cancel, pause, or change plans before your renewal date through the Wellhub app.

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