What is the Global Digital plan and how can companies offer the benefit?

The Global Digital plan is available as an additional subscription for global companies that wish to offer the benefit to employees based in countries where Wellhub doesn't offer in-person activities.

Companies must provide Wellhub in at least one of the countries where we offer in-person activities, and then enable the Global Digital plan in each country where the company has branches and wishes to offer the benefit.

📌 Example: a company that provides Wellhub in the US and also wants to offer it to ‌employees in countries where we don’t offer in-person activities, like Colombia or South Africa, will need to enable the benefit for each of these countries.

To add the Global Digital plan to the company’s subscription, the benefits manager must Contact our team.

What’s the difference between the Digital plan and the Global Digital plan for employees?

The difference is that employees eligible for the Global Digital plan won't have access to online classes nor be able to subscribe to a different plan.

Both plans are free for employees, include Premium access to a list of Partner Apps, and can be extended to family members if the company also offers this option. In-person activities aren’t available in either of these plans.

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