How to access Barry's Bootcamp with Wellhub?

To access Barry’s Bootcamp with Wellhub, you have to activate the Gold or a higher plan. This partner falls under the Premium classes category, and the check-in frequency varies per plan:

  • Gold: 2 times per month.
  • Platinum: 2 times per week, with a monthly limit of 8 check-ins.
  • Diamond: 4 times per week, with a monthly limit of 16 check-ins.

You have to book a class through the Wellhub app up to 7 days in advance to reserve your spot, otherwise, you won’t be able to access Barry’s Bootcamp.

Once you are at the location in which you booked a class, check in via the Wellhub app.


Our gym search feature provides an easy way to locate the Barry's Bootcamp clubs near you.

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