How to access Life Time with Wellhub?

The Wellhub plan required for Life Time access may vary depending on the club you choose. Some special classes or services at Life Time may cost extra.

To access Life Time with your Wellhub membership, follow these steps:

  1. Find a Life Time club and visit it in person to complete your registration and receive a membership card.
    If you already have a Life Time membership, you’ll need to cancel it before registering with Wellhub.
  2. At the front desk, check in using the Wellhub app and provide the 13-digit code that appears on the app screen.
  3. Swipe your new Life Time card to access the club.

📌 After your first visit, you’ll be able to book classes via the Wellhub app.

Important note

Children 13 and under can’t access Life Time through Wellhub. A separate Life Time membership is required for this age group.

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