Why is it not possible to book a class?

If you are unable to book a class, please check if:

  • It’s your first visit.
    In some gyms or studios, pre-registration is required for the booking to be available in the Wellhub app. To do it, contact the gym or studio you wish to visit.

  • You’ve exceeded the number of allowed check-ins.
    Depending on the category of the class you wish to attend, there may be a daily, weekly or monthly usage limit.
    📌 Look at your usage limits in the Check-in tab by selecting the history icon History.png in the top right corner of the app screen.

  • You’ve lost the ability to book classes for the month.
    If you cancel a class after the cancellation window or forget to check in 4 times in a month, you won’t be able to book any more sessions until the last day of the month. Find out more in this article.

💡 If you’re trying to book via a specific gym’s page and can’t see all the available classes, scroll down until the calendar is at the top of the page.

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