How to keep using Wellhub if changing companies?

If you change to a company that:

Also offers Wellhub: In some cases, you can add the new company as a provider to your current account, without having to create another one.
Doesn’t offer Wellhub: In some cases, your plan may remain active. Find out more in this article.

Important note

Avoid using a company email as your login email so you don't lose access to your Wellhub account if changing companies. Find out what to do if you lose access.

To use your current account with the new company, check if:

  • You are the account holder.
  • The new company has already added your information to the employee list.
    ⚠️ If you see the error We couldn't confirm your eligibility, your data hasn't been added yet.
  • Your subscription isn’t scheduled for cancellation, change, or pause.
  • You aren’t in a free trial period.
  • You don't have family members added to your account.
  • You don't use paycheck as a payment method.

If you meet all the criteria mentioned, follow these steps to update the Wellhub Provider:

  1. Log in to the Wellhub app, go to your User.png Profile, and select the Settings.png settings gear.
  2. Tap User.png Account and then Wellhub Provider.
  3. Tap on Continue and search for the new company that offers the benefit.
  4. Fill in the requested information. It could be the email address your company’s HR sent us, your employee ID, and/or your Social Security Number, and then select Continue.
    💡 If the e-mail address registered by your company's HR is requested, you will have to enter a verification code that will be sent in this email.
  5. Check the information and select Confirm.

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