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Before starting

  • Payments and billing demands can only be requested by the Account Holder. If a Family Member requests these changes, please remind them about this rule.
  • Tagus currently accepts credit card and payroll* for all regions, and SEPA for EU.
    *(payroll or paycheck is when the user pays for their subscription via payroll deduction. This option is only available if the user's company offers it as a payment method)
  • The billing date is the date when a user's payment cycle starts and ends. This means that it is the date when the user is charged for their plan, and it marks the beginning and end of the payment period.
  • The user is able to check the payment history and its details in the app, and also request self service receipts.
  • If a company offers Gympass + to its employees, users will see the discount when they buy a plan through the app (in the carousel and subscription confirmation screen).
    Note: In Darwin the discount can be reviewed on the Billing field, including the details of discount provided by the company.



📢  Table of contents:

Specificities related to the payment methods

📍 Credit card and Payroll rules

Credit card rules:

  • The user is billed automatically every month on the billing date
  • If the charge is declined, the system will attempt to charge the card again within 48 hours. The table below uses the example of February 10th as the billing date to clarify the billing process:




Feb 10 1st and 2nd Initial attempts to charge the card
Feb 11 3rd The third attempt is on the day after the billing date.
Feb 12 4th and 5th Fourth and fifth attempts two days after the billing date.
Feb 10 - 12 - Users can update credit card details during this period
Post Feb 12 - If payment fails and no update is made, the plan will be canceled
  • Account holders may register different credit cards for their Family Members. The billing address will be associated with the Account Holder.
  • A credit card can only be deleted if an alternative payment method (like payroll or paycheck) is available, or if a new credit card is added to the account.
  • A credit card cannot be removed from the account if it is linked to any active plans.
  • If a credit card payment fails and the user has payroll or paycheck as an alternative payment method, they will receive an email suggesting to update their payment method to payroll or paycheck.


Payroll / Paycheck rules:

  • Payroll or paycheck payments cannot be used for Family Member (FM) subscriptions.
  • If a user attempts to add a Family member and payroll or paycheck is the only saved payment method, they must add a new payment method (such as a Credit Card) to purchase FM subscriptions.
  • Tagus does not prorate subscriptions, regardless of whether payroll or paycheck is used as the payment method.
  • Billing starts after the end of any free trial period, and users are charged monthly via their payroll or paycheck.
  • Refunds for payments made through payroll or paycheck cannot be requested via Darwin.
  • To request a refund, follow the steps described at the process “Refund requests”

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Verifying the amount charged

📍 Users report payment problems (wrongly charged for either credit card or payroll)
  1. Search for the user’s account on Darwin;
  2. Go to the subscription field and check the User’s plan;
  3. Next, go to Billing and verify if the amount charged is correct:

a) If the amount reflects the plan values, explain to the user and tabulate the ticket as Solved.

b) If it doesn’t seem correct, follow the steps on the next topic ‘Confirmed wrongly charged amount (refund criteria)'.

📌Categorization: Payments and Billing:: Questions/Doubts:: Others
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Refund requests

📍 User is requesting a refund

For all refund requests follow the steps described at the process “Refund requests”.

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Changing payment method in the app

📍 Users request to change the payment method

Important: Remind the Account holder that Payroll can not be selected as a form of payment for Family members (credit card only). Raio - ícones de tecnologia grátisMacro: TAGUS USER::Payments::Family member change payment request

  1. Search for the user's account on Darwin.
  2. If it is an Account holder request, explain that it is possible to add more than one credit card to pay the family members' subscriptions (if there is a family member).
  3. Next, send the steps to change their payment method in the app:
    a) Access the Profile and click on the gear icon.
    b) Access the Account field and select Payment Method;
    c) Click on "add the payment method" and enter the required information.
    d) After including the payment information, select the account that should be charged using the new payment method.
  4. Tabulate the ticket and mark it as Solved.
    Important: only primaries can use payroll || paycheck as FoP, it’s not possible to pay family members with payroll || paycheck

📌Categorization: Payments and Billing::Payment Change

Raio - ícones de tecnologia grátisMacro: TAGUS USER::Payments::How to change a payment method
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Checklist before deleting a credit card

📍 Users are requesting to exclude a credit card as the payment method
  1. Search for the user's account on Darwin.
  2. In the user’s profile look for the "Paycheck as a Payment Method" field, and check if this option is marked as "Available" or "Not Available."
    1 en.png
    a) If "Paycheck" is available and currently set as the "Payment Method", it indicates the credit card is linked to a Family Member's account or was previously registered.
    b) If "Paycheck" is not available and "Credit Card" is the current "Payment Method", the credit card can be removed as long as it is not linked to any active plans.
  3.  To verify if the credit card is linked to any account, go to the “Billing” section and check the last 4 digits of the card number in the transaction details.
    a) If the card is associated with an account, the option to remove it will not be available. Advise the user to first add a new credit card as a payment method and then change the payment method for the account before excluding the existing card.
    b) If it’s not associated with any account, proceed with the next step.
  4. To remove the credit card, (after confirming that is not linked to an active plan) guide the user to open the Gympass app:
    a) Access the payment method section in their account.
    b) Select the credit card that needs to be removed.
    c) Click on the trash bin icon on the top right side.
    d) Confirm the exclusion by clicking on the “Remove” button.

📌Categorization: Payments and Billing: Payment Change

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Payment documentation

📍 Users request Proof of payment

Important: The PDF can be used as Proof of payment for both credit card and payroll

  1. Search for the user’s account on Darwin;
  2. Verify whether the request is coming from a Family Member or the Account Holder, and reinforce that only the account manager is authorized to request payments and billing information.

  3. Provide the step by step on how to download the proof of payment or receipt in the app:
    a) Access Account> Profile and click on the gear icon
    b) On Payments select “Billing History”
    c) Select the payment and click on the download or share icon
    d) Tabulate the ticket and put it on Solved.

    🐞The next steps should be done only in cases of technical problems
  4. If the user is facing problems to download the proof of payment or needs additional information such as national ID or specific company data, follow the steps:
    a) Request the necessary evidence from the user.
    b) Ask the tech lead to initiate a JIRA for PD following the Opening JIRA process.
    c) Access the Proof of Payments folder, locate the document corresponding to the user's country, and input and fill it in with the user's information
    d) Save the document as a PDF
    e) Send the PDF file to the user
    f) Send the ticket as Solved.

    📌Categorization: Payments and Billing:Invoice request

  5. Send the ticket as Solved.

    📌Categorization: Payments and Billing:Invoice request
    Raio - ícones de tecnologia grátisMacro: TAGUS USER::Payments::Proof of payment

Questions related to plan prices

📍 Users get in contact with payment questions
  1. Search for the user’s account on Darwin;
  2. Check if the person requesting is the Account holder or a Family member:
    a) If is a Family Member, explain that only the account holder can request payments and billing information Raio - ícones de tecnologia grátisMacro: TAGUS USER::Payments::Family member change payment request
    b) If it’s the Account holder proceed with the next steps
  3. Go to the Billing field to check the payment information;
  4. Click on the 3 dots > See details to check the plan and values for this user:
    a) If the user has a company discount available, explain the regular price of the plan, the amount of the discount (which is the SKU Gympass+ paid by the company), and the final cost they will pay.
    b) If the user doesn't have a company discount, check the price of their plan and answer any questions they may have about it.
  5. If the user is questioning about the plan price being different from someone they know, or their Family Members, explain that each company has its own agreements and some companies offer subsidies to their employees. However, it's important to note that subsidies are not available for family members. Raio - ícones de tecnologia grátisMacro: TAGUS USER::Payments::Questions about plans' pricing
  6. Tabulate the ticket and put it on Solved.

📌Categorization: Payments and Billing::Questions/Doubts:: Others

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Problems with credit card payments

📍 Users face payment declined or credit card issues (blocked, no limit)
  1. Search for the user's account on Darwin.
  2. Access the Billing field and check the payment status;
  3. If it says Refused, explain to the user that is necessary to change the credit card details in the app by following these steps:
    a) Access the Profile and click on the gear icon.
    b) Under payment method select Update;
    c) Insert the new credit card information and it’s done;
  4. If the status says Authorized, explain to them that everything is correct;
  5. If the user reports that the credit card was not working, but they already updated it in the app, inform them that for 48 hours the system will automatically attempt to process the payment (no further actions required);
  6. Tabulate the ticket and mark it as Solved.

📌Categorization: Payments and Billing:Payment Declined
Raio - ícones de tecnologia grátisMacro: TAGUS USER::Payments::Payment denied

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