How to manage admins on Wellhub for Companies?

Important note

Only service admins can manage or request access and permissions. Add more than one admin to avoid losing access if the responsible person for managing the service is absent.

Select the platform you use to manage the service:

Wellhub for Companies
  1. Log in to Wellhub for Companies.
  2. In the menu on the left, click Settings.
  3. Under Roles and permissions, click Manage staff users.
  4. Click Add user in the top right corner of the page, enter the admin’s full name and email, and then click Continue.
  5. Select the permissions you want to assign, and click Continue.
  6. Review the information and click Send.
    The new admin will receive an email to access the platform.

To edit or remove access, in the Manage staff users menu, click on the arrow next to the admin’s name, and then on the Edit.png editing icon or on Remove access.

Roles and permissions available:

Admin: can perform any role (finance, operations, etc.) and can set up companies, payroll terms, and payment methods.
Finance: can view, manage, and download anything related to billing.
can view and manage employees and accept payroll terms.
can view and download reports.
can view and download resources to promote Wellhub to employees.

📌 To manage the service for more than one company, it’s necessary to have admin access for each of them.

HR Portal

The HR Portal is an important tool for your company to manage the Wellhub service. Please ensure that you have an updated list of employees’ roles and permissions in the platform.

To manage the benefit admins, submit a request to our team.

💡 For security purposes, the service admins who have not accessed the HR Portal for more than 90 days could lose their access to the platform.

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