How to become a partner?

Wellhub is free to join and participate in. Being our partner enables a wider range of visitors, helping your revenue grow.

To learn more about how to become a partner, select your profile:

Gyms, studios, or wellbeing services
  1. Access our this page and click on Partner with Wellhub.
  2. Insert the business country, your full name, the company’s legal name, and the business email, and click on Let's go.
  3. Enter the verification code sent to the informed email and click Continue.
  4. Carefully read the information on the screen, and confirm.
  5. Select your business type, specify how many locations you want to add, and click Continue.
  6. Search for the exact name under which your space was registered on Google My Business, and confirm.
    💡 Your profile can take around 14 business days to be verified and activated on Google My Business, and you won’t be able to finish your Wellhub partnership application without it. Find out more here.
  7. Fill in all the requested information and click Continue on each step until you finish the setup.

Done! We’ll analyse your submission and email you the proposal and contract.

📌 If you applied but didn’t get an answer from our team yet, there’s no need to apply again. Wait for our reply, and remember to check your spam for the email.

Personal Trainers

All Trainiac by Wellhub coaches must hold a valid Personal Trainer certification, depending on the country's regulations.

If you are a certified Personal Trainer, you must register on Trainiac by Wellhub by following the steps below:

  1. Access the Trainiac by Wellhub page and click Register today.
  2. Click on Start and fill in the required information.

Done! Wait for us to contact you with more information about the next steps.

💡 Learn more about Trainiac by Wellhub here.

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