How does Trainiac by Wellhub work for Wellness Coaches?

Wellhub offers a holistic approach to fitness & wellness coaching through our new platform, Trainiac by Wellhub.

Allows you to craft individualized weekly workout plans for each user and have a 1-1 weekly check-in with them. The Trainiac by Wellhub app also allows you to track their progress throughout the week and message them.

All Trainiac by Wellhub coaches must hold a valid Personal Trainer certification, depending on the country's regulations.

Submit your interest in becoming a Wellness Coach with Trainiac by Wellhub at this link. 🙂

How do I get paid? 

All coaches are contractor status with Trainiac by Wellhub and are compensated based on a commission split tied to your volume and retention of clients.

The longer you retain a client, and your commission increases alongside the volume of clients. You will always receive the amount for the current month on the 15th of the following month.

All coaches can access a summary of their payout information directly in our Trainer app under the Stats tab. 

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