How does payment for partners work?

The payments made by Wellhub to gyms, studios, wellness services and Personal Trainers vary according to each partner:

  • Gyms, studios and wellness services: our team calculates the payment for each check-in considering the price for non-Wellhub plans in your space. You will be paid for up to a specific number of monthly check-ins per visitor, and there might be a proportional discount if you reach a determined monthly earning, if defined in your partnership contract.

  • Personal Trainers: the calculation is based on the amount charged per hour.

Payments are made monthly to the account registered with Wellhub, always on the 15th or next business day, and will refer to the previous month. Because of our rebranding, the name associated with the payments made may change to Wellhub.

💡 On the Partner Portal, you can check more details in the Partnership menu, or view your payment history in the Finance menu.

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